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Build an Alfa Stradale Replica

an everyday Car to Race ! 

A real Alfa Romeo Performance car in 4 steps

Autodelta has produced several models "Stradale" this to get the approvals necessary to participate in Endurance Races, but they has taken care of its "Stradale" giving customers cars with high performance and driving pleasure.  

All that created the myth of cars to use every day and then go running in the circuits! Now the myth is still intact because today with small technical adjustment and upgrades you can transform your car into a real "Granturismo", with top quality spare parts and maintaining the original style. Waiting return of a "real" Alfa Romeo ... this is the way to get it!


Weight reduction


Take the lightweight frame of Alfa Romeo, stiffened and streamlined it obtained a slim, fast car with a total weight of 900 kg.  Many body components such are made of  Glass Fiber or Carbon Fiber and are lightened by replacing steel with aluminium.

Power increase


The technical aim was to regenerate the car, enhancing the engine, obtaining a jewel with 150/200 hp with a weight/power ratio exceeding 200 hp/tonne, numbers worthy of racing cars!

Body Styling


Rebuilt the Body, strategy has enabled us to optimize and improve the sporty characteristics of the car and by retaining the character,  you obtained a "classic" piece that combines the best of the past and present,

"the ultimate" an car for Lovers of Autodelta brand.


Chassis optimized


Given the large increase in performance, the braking system has been updated with a sport brake system, the suspension has been improved by a sporty distribution and a limited slip differential has been added.



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