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Win the Porsche domination!

The Targa Florio is the oldest Motor Race in the World and one of few in urban road. This race is considered among the most difficult and dangerous, but also the most fascinating to attend. The track is a street circuit running through a Sicily Region with a lot of hills in natural park of "Madonie", in this track for 72 km, there are many countries with internal traffic, some hill climbs and long straights of 300 km/h, all this's surrounded by a stunning natural landscape and passionate participation of enthusiasts who come from all over world.

This race has no rules and no limits and is divided into categories such as Tourism Races, for this race the best car is a Sports Prototype racing car, thanks to the great technical development they achieved. So in this race for many years there is a domination from the Porsche racing cars who also won the last edition of 1970 with the fast and light 908 model, driven by Redman and Siffert.

In 1971 Autodelta holds a strong and proven team in circuits all over world, with extraordinary Technicians, the omnipresent Ing. C.Chiti and great pilots, with the 33/3 type and a very powerful and checked engine, V8 3000cc with 420 hp.

In the morning the race starts with the qualifiers that see all three cars Autodelta with great placings:

N°5 Vaccarella / Hezemans in first place

N° 2 with De Cesaris / Van Leppen in second place

N° 6 with Stommelen / Kinnunen in 3th place, more there was also the excellent placement in 6th place of N°3 of Todaro / Codones, who ran for the Scuderia Brescia

55 Targa Florio 1971, Pit Line

Nino Vaccarella Start

Andrea De Adamich Start

Rolf Stommelen at Start

Porsche 908 Larrousse / Elford

Porsche 908 Redman/Siffert

Direct competitors are the Porsche 908 of winners of previous edition, Siffert / Redman, other car with Larousse / Elford, and more Rodriguez / Muller, at place 4th - 5th and 7th on the grid.

Already the first lap there were two unexpected events, the Porsche Redman broke the steering, skids out road and caught fire, the pilot comes out with some burns but intact, while Stommelen's 33/3 breaks the wheel hub and retires.

Crash and Fire at Redman's Porsche 908

The 33/3 of Kinnunen / Stommelen retires at 1th lap

On the first lap Codones's 33 has a serious accident and is destroyed. The battle between the Porsche and Autodelta becomes even stronger and competition that brings in error the Porsche N°4 ending crashed on sidewalk.

Todaro / Codone's 33/3 accident

Rodriguez's Porsche crash

The first round sees the only remaining Porsche driven by Larousse leading and battle with Vaccarella, but this creates two subsequent Record laps bringing the 33/3 leader of race with a strong advantage on Porsche 908.

The last Porsche 908 Larrouse driver

Vaccarella Record Laps

Hezemans duel with Elford and Larrousse

At change of Elford guide goes like crazy man and he realized a new Record Lap while Hezemans that replaces Vaccarella slows the pace and is overtaken by Elford. At 4° lap Larousse gets a flat tire, Team Porsche lost another car and closed the race!

Vaccarella win without opposition, followed by Autodelta 33 N°2 driven by De Adamich only a minute behind. So a fantastic Autodelta Team closed a long Porsche domination at Targa Florio.

The Porsche Out of Race

Vaccarella Win

De Adamich in 2th place

Hezemans / Vaccarella Winners on the Podium

Best moments of Race (Click Images to Enlarge)

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