• by G. Pierdicca

Tipo 33 TT3 - Debut in Targa Florio

Targa Florio 1971 was a turning point in Autodelta's career, for two reasons, a known and important Vaccarella-Hezemans win on board to 33/3 after a long battle with Porsche 908 World Championship, but also for the debut of new Type 33 TT3.

This model was very important for development of Autodelta racing cars because he abandoned definitivly the first 33 project setting with "H" chassis (1965) in favor of tubular steel chassis named "traliccio" . This it seems regressive solution was instead an absolute winner, because maintaining a good structural rigidity and is able to have a low weight and benefit of power to weight ratio. This is a technique that had been applied for a long time on Italian sports cars in '50s / '60s, also had made strong Porsche's Sport Prototype, that were very light, as such were named "Cycles" and winning even if aren't very powerful compared to 33/3.

First 33TT3 prototype

The TT3 chassis is also very important because it provided a possibility to mounting two different engines, old V8 - 3000cc boosted to 450hp and a new 180 ° V12 3000cc engine (obtaining the TT12 model), was being tested, both engines were mounted with the gearbox within wheels (not cantilevered as the 33/3), the step was reduced to 16cm. obtaining a very short and handy car with 50kg. less than previous 33/3 model. Autodelta's technicians had worked on 33TT3 until the last days before the race, so it will be loaded on a cart with a Giulia wagon and arrives in Sicily after Official Team.



33TT3 in Targa Florio had Testing and the development in "Cerda" headquarters, that is the provisional Garage-Workshop organized under the "Motel Aurim", here were previous inspections and modifications cured by Eng. Severi and two exceptional test drivers (Teodoro Zeccoli and Carlo Facetti) not engaged in the race, in fact it did not distract drivers from the Race.

Motel Aurim undergound, Autodelta's Headquarters in Cerda (Sicily) at Targa Florio race

However during the Lap Time Stommelen always looking the record decided to try it and even Vaccarella after him, the car proved to be very powerful but so rigid and difficult to control. So it was that ING.C.CHITI decided not to get it started, but the TT3 had done a great Lap time (37: 26.7) and was in 7th place before a favorite Porsche to Rodriguez / Muller! All this said and prefigures the born of winner car and a story of a great revolution for Autodelta racing team, as we will discover already at Targa Florio of following year, 1972!

Facetti / Stommelen Testing the 33TT3

33TT3 Track Test Pictures (Click images to enlarge)

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