• by G.Pierdicca

33 TT3 - The Antagonist

The Autodelta Type 33 TT 3 despite few victories, was a milestone in history of Autodelta team, in fact TT3 chassis is important because it was transitional model and provided a possibility to mounting two different engines, old V8 - 3000cc boosted to 450hp and a new 180° - V12 3000cc engine, obtaining the famous World Champion 33 TT12 model.

The 33 TT3 model had reached full maturity and beating several times the Porsche World Champions, it was ready to take a World Title, but his fate was stoped to arrival of 12-cylinder Ferrari (312 PB) that with Formula1 engine possessed a lot of power and then on medium-fast tracks were a tough rival!

However, 33 TT3 never surrendered to power superiority and backed by exceptional drivers, like a real fierce rivals, it gave hard work to Ferrari and has always placed behind them on Finish line, always ready to take advantage of a mistake and sometime it is placed before Ferrari, especially in slow circuits, memorable was the 1972 Targa Florio.

AUTODELTA TIPO 33 TT3 - 1972 (Click images to Enlarge)

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