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The Lost sister of Ferrari -Part 5

Autodelta Rally Experiences.

As mentioned earlier (Part 1), when Autodelta was first set up, many drivers who bought the Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Super (Jolly Club) and the TZ achieved considerable success in international rallies. The most prestigious international result was a win in the Mitropa Cup in 1966 with a team consisting of Arnaldo Cavallari and Dante Salvay driving an Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA.

Giulia GTA wins Mitropa Rally, 1966

At the end of the Sixties Rally racing was discontinued only to begin again more directly in 1974 with the Alfa Romeo Alfetta saloon. Luciano Trombotto won the Group 2 (prepared Touring car) at the car's first outing, the San Martino di Castrozza Rally, valid for the European Championship.

Alfetta saloon Gr. 2 with Luciano Tronbotto at S.Martino Castrozza Rally, 1974

The following year, the baton passed to the Alfetta GT, that scored a significant overall win in the Elba Rally with Amilcare Ballestrieri at the wheel. In 1978, Mauro Pregliasco and Vittorio Reisoli won the Group 2 Italian national title driving an Alfetta GT.

Alfetta Gt gr.2 at Rally d'Elba 1975

Alfetta Gt gr.2 at Rally d'Elba 1975

J. Andruet at Tour de Course, 1975

Ballestrieri with Alfetta GT Gr. 2 at San Remo Rally

Pregliasco with Alfetta GTV Gr.2 wins Rally Italian Title 1978

Alfetta saloon at Tour de Corse,1974

Further class wins were achieved by Leo Pittoni and the Frenchman Jean Claude Andruet, placed second overall at the Tour de Corse, valid for the World Championship, with a light Alfetta, front-meshing gears and 13" wheels.

Standard production Touring and Prepared versions of the Alfasud also achieved impressive results. A major victory was scored by the Frenchman Beltrand Balas in the strictly standard production Touring car category (Group N) in the 1982 Monte Carlo Rally.


Ormezzano Driver with Alfasud ti Gr.2

Alfasud ti Wins Gr.N class (Product cars) at Rally Montecarlo 1982

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