• by M. Vinci ( Autodelta Italia Club )

TARGA 1972 -The Challenge

In 1972 Autodelta with 33 TT3 model had reached full maturity and beating several times the Porsche World Champions, it was ready to take a World Title, but Ferrari presents the new 312PB with its 12 cylinder derived from Formula 1 with 450 HP and again the competition is very strong !

At Targa Florio 1972 Ferrari have leadership of Championship Sport Prototypes and was secure to winning, so presents only one car N°3, driven to Arturo Merzario and Sandro Munari (Rally Driver).

Autodelta Pit Line

The Autodelta team classified at 2th place of Championship, has accept the challenge and took start of race with 4 cars lead by experienced driver with determination to win and to recover the world title race.

The cars and drivers are the best of Race: N°2 Elford / Van Lennep - N°1 Vaccarella / Stommelen - N°4 DeAdamich / Hezemans - N°5 Galli / Marko.

In Targa Florio Autodelta has an headquarter, this's the provisional Garage-Workshop organized under the "Motel Aurim" dislocated in "Cerda", where Autodelta has prepared and developed the race cars. to see more visit: www.robertlittle.us

Ing.C.Chiti supervise the works at Type 33TT3 at Garage under Hotel Aurim - Cerda

Pictures Thanks to Robert Little - To see more visit: www.robertlittle.us

Pictures Thanks to Robert Little - To see more visit : www.robertlittle.us

Autodelta Headquarter with Type 33 Test cars and Type 33TT3 N°2 Elford / Van Lennep

Pictures thanks to Robert Little - To see more visit : www.robertlittle.us

At start line the first driver is Elford with 33TT3 - N°2, he start very speedy but after a few kilometres breaks the motor oil cups. Follows deAdamich but is slow and overtaken already on the second lap by Ferrari and his teammate Vaccarella who will follow immediatly the Ferrari, but unfortunately at drivers change with Stommelen have notices that engine is compromised and the car must withdraw after few kilometers.

33TT3 of Vic Elford at Start

Andrea De Adamich at Collesano

The Champions and favourite Nino Vaccarella at Box

Stommelen drivers change, after few kilometers the car it's stopped for failure

Stay in race the last 33TT3 with Helmut Marko that goes so much speedy and manages to reach the Ferrari (now led by Munari) taking the head of Race and leaving it to Nanni Galli at lap 4 with 1.30" ahead to Ferrari, but unfortunately Galli behind a chicane was in oversteer and loses all advantage, he returned into battle with Merzario's Ferrari!

Autodelta 33TT3 - Helmut Marko

Ferrari 312PB with Arturo Merzario at Box

At drivers change on last Lap, Helmut Marko finds again an disadvantage from Ferrari in 1.30 "sec. but incredibly manages to still increase the rhythm! He gets the fastest lap of the race and the 2° fastest time of ever!

Autodelta attack at Ferrari

The insidious Marko's 33 has attacked and overtaken the Ferrari

A fury, Marko managed to gnaw seconds at every turn to catch Ferrari and raising its head again behind the finish line of race!

Won Ferrari with time 6h:27'48 before only few seconds from Autodelta with a time of 6h:28'04 ! followed from deAdamich Type 33.

One of nicest car battles in Races story, from two legendary brands, in Targa Florio 1972 and also Championship the Porsches remain to watching!

Look at many signs on Ferrari car after the hard battle with Autodelta!

Look at the damage rear of Marko's Type 33

...and Type 33 of deAdamich

Targa Florio - 1972, some exciting moments on Pit Line (Click images to Enlarge)

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