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The Lost sister of Ferrari -Part 6

Autodelta Alfetta GTV in World Rally as a sedan, the Alfa Romeo Alfetta is a popular rally car, especially in France. The engines of Rally versions are the same of Giulia GTAM with Twin Spark narrow head and occasionally an experimental 16 valve head with Fuel Injection. The Autodelta engineers get over 200 HP from the two-litre of the GTV. Biggest success is winning the 1975 European Championship counting rally Elba by Amilcare Balestrieri. Driver Mauro Pregliasco in addition win the Italian Rally Championship 1979 and finished the World Championship overall fourth place, before much more powerful cars.

Mauro Pregliasco with Alfetta GTV at Rally 4 Regions 1975

In the same year, Autodelta works even on an eight-cylinder variant of the Alfetta GT. He makes with the engine of the Alfa Romeo Montreal of related three-liter V8 350 HP.

However, the necessary for homologation (admission to the Motorsport) small batches of 400 vehicles is not concluded. Because in the meantime the production for 8 cylinders of Montreal had been closed!

Only two prototypes are built, which used only on test, although this was able to win opponents like the Lancia Stratos!

Autodelta Alfettta GTV Rally Prototype 8 cilynder engine

Autodelta Alfettta GTV 8 cylinder Prototype in action with Andruet at Rally de Touraine

The second Autodelta project to plant a turbocharger on the two-liter engine for the Alfetta GTV is successful. The performance of as a result of the four cylinder, which is one of the first turbo engines in rallying ascends to around 350 HP.

Autodelta Alfettta GTV Turbodelta

In the 1980 European Championship, the Italians Mauro Pregliasco celebrates a few important successes with the vehicle. He wins the Danube rally and was ranked fifth in the annual ranking. in 1982, a new regulation enters into force in the European Touring Car Championship. In the so called Group A are required from Right away most vehicles (built at least 5,000 units per year). Thus, Alfa Romeo interested again for the series, in which the brand celebrated numerous successes in the 1960s with the Giulia Sprint GTA and rows drove title.

Alfettta GTV Turbodelta at Cyprus Rally -1980

Alfettta GTV Turbodelta -1982

A racing version of the GTV6 arises when Autodelta. The Coupé weighs just over 1,000 kilograms. The performance of the 2.5 liter six-cylinder rises to around 215 HP. However, the biggest advantage is his thanks to transaxle design when compared to the competition better weight distribution between the front and rear axle. The balanced balance is noticeable, especially in difficult race conditions where it compensates for sometimes the HP disadvantage against opponents in the big displacement category.

Alfettta GTV 6 cylinder at 4 Regions Rally -1982

Alfettta GTV 6 cylinder at Cyprus Rally -1982

The Coupé is successfully used in some national Rally Championships. We report the participation in the Safari Rally of 1983, with lead of the great Sandro Munari (Rally Driver), he had to retire on the final race, when he was fighting for the win.

Alfettta GTV 6 cylinder at Safari Rally -1983

The highlight: In the midst of the overwhelming Group B cars with more than 500 Horsepower Frenchman Yves Loubet is third upgraded to World Championship Tour de Corse 1986, but in meantime the Autodelta activities on Rally had ended.

Alfettta GTV 6 cylinder at Tour de Corse -1986

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